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This website was created to display the Ten Tors tracking information in a more friendly way. This is an unofficial website and not endorsed by Ten Tors. It was created over a few weekends by Paul Brummitt from Cabot District Scouts, Bristol. I'm also a Scout Leader at 90th Bristol Scouts and a Senior Software Developer at Rock Solid Knowledge.

What is displayed / not displayed

This information on this website is sourced from the publicy available data on the Official Ten Tors website and then does a bit of processing with it to make it able to be displayed nicely.

The site lets you track multiple teams on different routes on one simple page. It also draws the progress on a map so people that are not so familiar with Darmoor can visualise the route (Like it used to in the olden days!). Note: The map only shows when teams reach checkpoints and not full tracking.

If you enable auto updates, the website will try to send you a browser notification when a time gets updated. This relies on the browser running in the background on your phone. If you exit the browser, it will not work. (It might not work on iPhones either - I don't have one to test)


This website was created as a hobby project because of my love of Ten Tors, so it might not work properly!

  • This site has no offical link to Ten Tors or the Army
  • Team data only comes from the public Ten Tors website. If the Ten Tors website is wrong/broken/changed the information displayed on this site might be incorrect or not updated.
  • Route checkpoint locations and names comes from the published information on the Ten Tors website and might have been copied incorrectly.
  • It was impossible to fully test this site before Ten Tors starts, so it may all fail and not work properly.
  • Team times are only collected from the Ten Tors website periodically, so don't keep refreshing the page as this will just overload the server.
  • Fallout status and team status are not shown (maybe next year!)
  • I will be at the event and there is virtually no internet access, so it is unlikely any major problems will be fixed (I will try to fix minor issues if I can).


If you have found this website useful, why not consider giving a small (or large!) donation to say thank you?


You can contact Paul by using this form.

Remember, I will be in Okehampton for the Ten Tors event, so I will have limited access to emails. My primary priority is looking after my own teams, so I might not respond.

If your comment is about a particular team, speak to your own Team Manager or the Army.